Ask the Pharmacist: We are resilient like tulips

Suzy Cohen
Image: Tulip  


Last week, I received more than a dozen requests to write about stress and anxiety. One woman emailed me with, “I am having horrible anxiety right now.” Another person wrote me and said, “I work in mental health care, and the rise in depression and anxiety is just overwhelming. Can you speak to this please?”

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All of us are in this together. We need to shelter in place to minimize our exposure. I have many articles about natural remedies for anxiety, those are posted at my website. I want you to know that what you’re feeling is completely natural.

Feeling nervous and stressed is the normal response that occurs when the world is in this much upheaval. There is an invisible attack that has unleashed itself upon us, and our sympathetic nervous system is kicking in! That’s what it’s supposed to do. What you’re feeling is normal and to be expected. But it will subside in time. 

To help deal with the anxiety, I suggest we tune out of the news for longer periods of time. I notice that on days when I’m connected for more than three, I’m more stressed out than on days that I tune in for a few minutes.

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Let’s face it, the news is never good. And the way the curve is going, it’s going to rise some more over the next month, so we will all become even more nervous. But try to become aware of your feelings and try not to project the worst case scenario if in fact, your life is okay. Perhaps your ‘now’ is good, and if it is, and everyone is safe and well, then try to disconnect from the ‘what if’ scenario.

I think we are resilient like tulips. I know, that’s a little random. Let me explain. I live in Colorado and we just had a cold snap with snow all night long. My lawn got covered in a blanket of white! Still, I dressed up and went outside to breathe in the crisp air this morning, and I saw that my tulips were still growing!

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In fact, they are even taller than the day before! These fragile bulbs had weathered the storms. They survived freezing temperatures from last October when I planted them, all the way to now. And here they are so lovely, strong and thriving.

Tulips are honestly amazing! Nothing can stop them from popping up through the ground to bloom and get a kiss from the sun! I want you to be reminded of their resilience. We can draw so much strength and peace from this analogy. Always remember: You are resilient like tulips.

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