MIFA recognizes artist Claire Keery

"Blue Jay" by Claire Keery

The Marco Island Foundation for the Arts (MIFA) recently recognized artist Claire Keery for her service and dedication supporting the arts on Marco Island.

Keery retired from MIFA this year after having been a member since MIFA’s inception in 2003. A dedicated volunteer and board member, Keery still offers her time to help at MIFA’s shows and events. 

Claire Keery

Keery is a native of Switzerland and she makes her home and has her studio in Marco Island, Florida. She has had a lifelong interest in arts, crafts and she also holds a certificate in interior design, all of which have influenced the development of her talent and passion for multimedia art.

Keery is today an award-winning artist specializing in collages, assemblage and encaustics, mixing materials to achieve vivid colors and textures that in turn illustrate her visions of life and times, particularly of Asia and Africa. Her unusual art is inspired in part by her extensive travels and some artifacts found in her work are collected during visits to those faraway lands. She has traveled extensively to attend advanced papermaking seminars and art workshops in California, Florida and New York, honing skills that are reflected in her exotic creations.

"Butterflies" by Claire Keery

Encaustic painting is an ancient art form dating back 3000 years and employs molten colored wax. Encaustic paintings seem to light within, the colors are exceptionally bright because the surface does not reflect all the light thus allowing it to penetrate the different wax layers. The word ‘encaustic’ is derived from the Greek word ‘enkaien’ meaning to ‘burn in’. This form of painting involves applying layer upon layer of molten was to a canvas or board, fusing each layer with heat.

"Koi" by Claire Keery

Claire exhibits her work at several juried art shows held annually in Marco, Miami as well as at the Von Liebig Center in Naples, Florida. She is very active in the local art scene, volunteering and supporting community efforts that promote the arts.

“My Art represents life around us, our environment and is my window to the whole wide world!”