Social Scene: Just Friends welcome 2021


Just Friends welcomed 2021 at their Jan. 13 luncheon at the Marco Island Yacht Club.

Since the guest speaker had to cancel, program chairperson Char Winter whipped up a very challenging trivia contest with events from the 80s and 90s. How many people viewed OJ Simpson's verdict? ( 95 million); when was the Mall of America built? (1992). What movie starred Richard Gere and Debra Winger and featured the song, “Up Where we Belong?” (“An Officer and a Gentleman”). What was the first animated film to win best picture Oscar? (“Beauty and the Beast”); who was the first female Secretary of State? (Madelyn Albright); who sang “Woman in Love?” (Barbara Streisand) are just a few of the questions. Everyone had their thinking caps on!     

Bonnie Bozzo updated the members on the upcoming Charm City Players production of "Murder on the Siberian Express" which will be on Feb. 24. and she introduced the cast.

Five birthday ladies received roses and many door prizes were awarded.

Presidents Jacky Childress's motto this year is “Embrace change; It’s a good thing.”