Social Scene: Friends February luncheon



February birthday ladies are Lithia Berger, Yolanda Medwid, Cindy Crane and Patty Terreri.

The Just Friends February luncheon was a sea of red as members celebrated Valentine’s Day at the Marco Island Yacht Club. The slate of officers for 2021-2022 was introduced and accepted. Three birthday ladies received flowers. An unusual game called “Never Have I Ever” was the program. Ladies were given a list of activities and had to check those that they have never done; for example: fired a gun, been on TV, fired from a job, skinny dipped. Prizes were given to three ladies who had the most activities they had never done. Bonnie Bozzo reminded the members of the “Murder on the Siberian Express” presentation on Feb. 24.

Milia Langley admires the ladies in red: Susie Walsh,  Rose Kraemer, Anna Hutchings, Annette Mennella and Betsy Wohltman.
Laverne Leahy, Sandy Schmadeke. Flo Toczik, Pat Hagedorn, Bonnie Bozzo and Milia Langley enjoyed playing a game.
Winners of "Never Have I Ever" game are Eileen Carlsen, Donna Kaczka and Margaret Moores.