Social Scene: Just Friends on the Siberian Express



Cast members are Bonnie Bozzo, Susie Walsh, Trisha Pease, Annette Mennella, Cindy Crane, Linda Sobolewski, Rachel DeHanas and Rose Kraemer.

The Charm City Players took a sold out crowd of Just Friends (and friends) on a murder mystery tour of the Russian countryside on the Siberian Express at DaVinci’s on Feb. 24. Bonnie Bozzo wrote, directed, and produced the play. The guests feasted on a delicious antipasto plate and wine during the journey.

The czar, czarina and their five children have been assassinated but rumor is some of the royal family escaped and are on the train. When a policeman seeking to apprehend any survivors is stabbed to death on the train the cast members present alibis and motives to the murder. After all the clues were presented each table of ladies worked as a team to identify the murderer.

Milia Langley, Pat Hagedorn and Rose Kraemer share a laugh.
At the cast dinner Rose Kraemer presents Bonnie Bozzo with flowers.
Conductor Rachel DeHanas calls "all aboard!"