Social Scene: IAS does mini golf and dinner



John and Barbara DeRosa with Ralph and Dorrie Madonna, who placed first.

Thirty members and guests of the Italian American Society of Marco Island visited Marco Golf & Garden for some robust mini golf before going to Sami's Pizza for dinner. With a slight breeze and a few clouds those playing golf really enjoyed being outside with friends. The short drive to Sami's for drinks and food was another great time with outdoor dining under the roof at long tables. Lots of laughter and jokes floated through the air and all had a wonderful time. 

The Italian American Society of Marco Island is open for membership to anyone 21 years of age or older who is of Italian lineage either by direct ancestry or by marriage.  

For more information visit or call Barbara DeRosa 239-272-015, or Ann D'Onofrio, 401-450-9260. You can also visit IAS on Facebook, 'Italian American Society of Marco Island' in the search block.

Tim and Sandy Mennitt and Jan and Don Mennitt, who placed third.
Fred and Bryna Adani and Fran Jorgensen and Harry Miller, who placed second.
Marc and Dolores Constanes, Ann Sepe, Christine and Don Koppel at Marco Golf and Gardens.