Social Scene: Marco Island Yacht Club celebrates ‘Hooray for Hollywood’ gala



The paparazzi were in full force at the Marco Island Yacht Club’s "Hooray for Hollywood" event.  Reporter MA Harlacker, left, interviews Margaret and Doug DeCamp and Myrt Rose.

The Marco Island Yacht Club continued its celebration of its 20th anniversary with the “Hooray for Hollywood Gala” event. 

As members arrived at the club, they were approached at the red carpet by paparazzi played by MA Harlacker, Bob Winterhalter and Cara DuBay, asking members “Who are you wearing tonight,” and “Do you think this is your year to win the coveted Oscar.”

The Red Carpet was in place as Peggy and Pete Frazier enter the Marco Island Yacht Club, followed by Alice Jobe and Cara DuBay.

To celebrate the club’s anniversary, members signed up to add their names to commemorative bricks which will create a pathway from the club house to the new Riverside Marina. 

At the end of the show, awards were presented to unsuspecting members for categories including “On the Waterfront,” “Finding Nemo,” “Captain Courageous” and “Flipper.”

Members Linda and Alan Sandlin played the roles of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire as they danced a ‘40s ballroom dance to the song "It Had To Be You."

The Wendy Renee Band provided the music for the evening of skits, comedy and outstanding dance tunes.  And, a special “Gala” menu was provided by Chef Bob Aylwin. 

MIYC Chairman Dave Everitt, left, receives a Marco Award from Angela Holt, chair of the member events committee, for his outstanding role in the development of the club’s new Riverside Marina, currently under construction.
Patti Cohen, left, played the role of comedienne Joan Rivers as she interviewed fellow Members.  Deb DeVrise, right, undertook the role of Cigarette Girl promoting Commemorative Bricks for the Yacht Club’s 20th anniversary.