Social Scene: IAS holds farewell dinner



Paula and Mike Salerno, Rosemary and Joe Laurie, and Wendy and Stefano Chiarello waiting to play.

The Italian American Society of Marco Island held their farewell couples golf and dinner Sunday under balmy skies and light breezes. The IAS have concluded their season and wish all a healthy and safe summer. Membership is open to anyone 21 years of age and older who is of Italian lineage either by direct ancestry or by marriage. For more info call Barbara DeRosa 239-272-0158 or go online, 

Fred Adani, Barbara and John DeRosa, Bryna & Brent Adani doing some refreshments.
John and Barbara DeRosa, Dorrie and Ralph Madonna, Rosemary and Joe Laurie, Stefano and Wendy Chiarello, Paula and Mike Salerno and Brent andFred Adani enjoying dinner.