New ‘Big’ Publix opens on Marco Island

Will Watts
An exterior shot from opening day at the new ‘Big’ Publix on Marco Island.

After a year and a half wait, Marco Islanders heralded the opening of the new ‘Big’ Publix on Thursday.

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Some of the new 48,000 square-feet store’s new features include a second floor dining area, where you can eat while you watch other’s shop and a deli in-the-round; that’s right, employees can no longer hide in the back, because there is no back.

The new deli in-the-round at the new ‘Big’ Publix on Marco Island.

The service desk – which also used the in-the-round in some Publix stores, is against the front wall in this new store; which also features an expanded grab-and-go section.   

The bakery, which has typically been located near the deli in newer stores (and was located in the front of the original Marco store), is in the very back left of this building; just about as far away from the deli as you can get.

The view from the second floor dining deck at the new ‘Big’ Publix on Marco Island.

The store also features a drive-thru pharmacy and a separate liquor store and is located at 175 S. Barfield Drive, Marco Island.