Winner announced in annual decorating contest

The Simeon family, front right receive their 2021 winner yard sign, traveling trophy, plaque, and the Iberia Bank Holiday Spirit Award from Dave Rice, chairman, and the House Decorating Committee following the Trolley Ride Judging on Dec. 20.

And the winner is: Simeon, Heidi, and Cameron Kohl, 1572 Shores Court.

Homeowners, Simeon and Heidi and their son Cameron, the mastermind of a spectacular Christmas display accepted their awards as the winners of the 2021, 28th Annual House Decorating Contest from Committee Chairman Dave Rice and  the Christmas House Decorating Committee following the judges’ Trolley Ride Finals on Monday.

House winner, 1572 Shores Court, Marco Island.

The award included a winner’s plaque and the traditional yard sign for annual display. The traveling trophy and the IberiaBank Spirit Award $100 gift card were also presented. All top 10 finalists receive an award plaque.

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A list of the Top 10 finalists and several prior winners who are “lite” in 2021 are listed below for those who wish to view.

This year’s winner of the House Decorating contest was selected from 2,015 lighted homes throughout the island. 

House winner, 1572 Shores Court, Marco Island.

2021 Top 10 finalists

(in no particular order)

  • 1208 Fruitland
  • 161 Bermuda
  • 1453 Bermuda
  • 1955 Sheffield
  • 1842 Dogwood
  • 975 Leo Court
  • 1572 Shores Court
  • 1591 Galleon
  • 371 Yarmouth
  • 920 Ruby Court

Worth seeing

  • 780 Copeland
  • 752 Caribbean
  • 91 Bermuda
  • 1952 Sheffield
  • 1625 Ludlow

Previous winners 'lite' in 2021

(not eligible this year)

  • 151 Channel Ct.
  • 1264 Whiteheart
  • 865 Swan
  • 513 Nassau

The Marco Island Christmas House and Business Decorating Contest is sponsored by Lee County Electric Cooperative (LCEC). They have been the overall sponsor of this event continuously since its beginning in 1994.

The winner of the Business Decorating Contest was The Marco Island Center for the Arts at 1010 Winterberry and was announced late last week. 

Stated Committee Chair Dave Rice, “On behalf of the committee, a sincere thanks to all the participants for all who enjoy the opportunity of “Lighting up Marco” and making everyone’s Christmas and Holiday Season special.

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Our Island is blessed with dedicated volunteers who make events such as this take place.  The dedicated members of the committee are: Co-Chairpersons, Dave and Jeanne Rice, Treasurer, Bob Boland, Lyn Bedell, Carla and Mike Mickes,  Larry and Judy Sacher, Ken and Diane Honecker; Jerry Swiacki and Linda Turner, Bette McGilvray and Steve Josselyn, Sandy Dauch, Kristina Lambros and Marc Creech, Debbie and Marty Roddy, Mary Vertin and Bruce Robertson, Jacki Strategos and Richard Droste, Betty Newman and Russ Simmons and Lauri Kalanges.