Social Scene: Whack a Whiting fishing tournament

Marco Eagle


Third place winners Jeff Ericson, host Joe,  John Rafes,  Steve Jacobs and Cathy Ericson.

The 5th Annual Whack a Whiting fishing tournament was held recently, with the post party and awards presentation held at the home of Joe and Diane Perino. Joe originated the tournament so that other fishermen could enjoy fishing for whiting as much as Joe does. Joe's motto is "They're fun to catch; easy to clean; and great to eat.”

"Kitchen Krew" Dolores Constanzer, Susie Walsh,  MaryAnn Wittman,  Rickie Terzis and Diane Perino.

This year 20 boats and 55 fishermen participated (the cold weather deterred a few people) Joe and Diane always host the party afterwards and Joe is in charge of the tally sheets and awarding prizes.

Dale Rod, Keith Wohltman, Bob Bixler and Chris Hutchings.
Dale Rod, Joe Perino, Marv Constanzer, Jack Facciaolo, Pete Arcidiacono and Jay Terzis discuss the tournament.