Social Scene: SEAgals honor those who have passed

SEAgals members Cathy Mendygraw, Susie Walsh, Pam Callinan, Eileen Carlsen, Adele Meilan, Cindy Crane, Kathy Curtis, Molly Rawlinson, JoeAnn Vesely and Jean King.

SEAgals, and arts and entertainment club that was formed in 2002, recently met at Residents Beach for a “Celebration of Life” for former members Jackie Hays and husband Luther Hays, Margaret Moores, and Dave Fenelon (husband of Joyce Fenelon). A beautiful sunset followed.

SEAgals and spouses-Molly and George Rawlinson, Susie Walsh, Fed and Kathy Curtis, Ed Crane, Dave Walsh, Eileen and Richie Carlsen and Cathy Mendygraw.
Cindy and Ed Crane, Cathy Mendygraw, Eileen and Richie Carlsen, Susie and Dave Walsh, Kathy and Fred Curtis, George and Molly Rawlinson.