Volunteers congregate to clean Tigertail Beach


Thirty-five residents, visitors, families, students, and members of local organizations met at Tigertail Beach on July 16 to participate in the quarterly clean-up sponsored by Friends of Tigertail.

Despite near-by storm clouds, the weather remained stable, allowing the collection of 75 lbs. of debris including 61 lbs. of trash and 14 lbd. of recyclables.

Despite summer vacation 19 students volunteered, including several from MIA. Besides Friends of Tigertail members, other organizations represented included MICA, Noontime Rotary, Beach and Coastal Advisory Committee, Marco Island Public Works, and Cardinal Health.

Together this enthusiastic group of volunteers made a difference to beach goers and wildlife by thoroughly cleaning the area.

The next Tigertail clean-up will be Saturday morning, Sept. 17. For this event Friends of Tigertail partners with Collier County as part of the International Coastal Clean-up, when beaches worldwide are cleaned, and the debris is categorized to see trends. For more information visit the Friends of Tigertail web page at FriendsofTigertail.com or like them on Facebook.

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