‘Murder on the 513’ – At the YMCA of Collier County Summer Theater Camp

Actors and actresses, ranging from grades 2-7, performed “Murder on the 513.”

A standing ovation was received by 20 actors and actresses, ranging from grades 2-7, and 5 production crew members for their performance of “Murder on the 513,” a play written and directed by Gina Sisbarro of Sisbarro Acting Studio.

The production was one of the many specialty camps that the YMCA of Collier County organized during the summer. The collaboration between the Sisbarro Acting Studio and the YMCA for the past five years has been one way of building confidence in a safe environment for hundreds of children. 

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Prior to the performance, the young actors, actresses, and crew had only one week to rehearse.  

Jane Bergman, mother of 12-year-old Sarah and 7-year-old Evan said, “Both Sarah and Evan had a wonderful time going to camp each day.  Mrs. Bergman continued, “I liked how the older kids helped the younger kids.  Everyone on the campus was kind to each other.”

Jason Wallett, the father of 10-year-old Chloe, said that “Chloe was excited and couldn’t stop talking about the play and her co-actors.  She had a great time and made friends.”

“Keep it fun and make them feel they are one … one big happy family.  Each actor and actress is made to feel important,” explained Sisbarro. 

“I choose plays where most actors (and actresses) are visible on stage most of the performance,” Sisbarro said. Sisbarro works at building confidence in her thespians, not setting them up for humiliation and frustration.

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