Social Scene: SEAgals celebrates 20

SEAgals members, back: Adele Meilan, Nancy Boyer, Audrey Calzone, Marilyn Kostelnik, Terry Andretta, Barb Markel, Marie Pchola, Polly Lally, Molly Rawlinson, Patty Larkin, Kathy Curtis and Cathy Mendygraw; front: Eileen Carlsen, Pam Callinan, Joyce Fenelon, Susie Walsh, Cindy Crane, and Evelyn Case.

SEAgals, an arts and entertainment group on Marco Island recently celebrated its 20th anniversary at a dinner party at Mango's.

SEAgals original members Joyce Fenelon, Pam Callinan, Susie Walsh, Cindy Crane, Eileen Carlsen and Adele Meilan.

SEAgals was formed on Nov. 19, 2002 and is the oldest continuously active arts and entertainment group on the island. Thirty-one members and spouses enjoyed a lovely evening. Of the original 22 members, there are still six active members who each received a red rose. The party was hosted by Cindy Crane, Adele Meilan and Cathy Mendygraw.  

Hostesses for the anniversary dinner party: Cindy Crane, Adele Meilan and Cathy Mendygraw.

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