Now You Know: House decorating contest schedule announced

Will Watts
The Marco Island House and Business Decorating Committee pictured at their annual Potluck planning session hosted by committee members Bob Boland and Lyn Bedel. From left, front: Judy Sacher, Linda Turner, Rachel Schenk, Lilibeth Nordell, Lyn Bedel, Richard Droste, Dave Rice, Bob Boland, Sandy Dauch, Mindy Star, Mary Vertin, Betty Newman, and Jackie Strategos; back: Mike Richards, Larry Sacher, Jim Richards, Russ Simmons and Bruce Robertson.

Details for the 29th Annual Christmas House Decorating Contest have been announced.

Preliminary judging will be done between 6:30 and 10:30 p.m., Dec. 12, 13 and 14.  Homeowners are instructed to have their lights on all three nights to ensure that the judges may view all properties.

The Final Judging is scheduled will be done between 6:30 and 10:30 p.m., Friday, Dec. 16 along with the traditional tailgate party that precedes the Judges’ Trolley Tour to the Top 10 Homes to select the 2022 winner. 

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A committee of 33 dedicated community-minded citizens makes it all happen.

Owners of the top 10 homes receive a plaque. The overall winner receives the coveted yard sign, winner’s plaque and the LCEC Traveling Trophy to be kept for one year by the winners.

Previous winners of both home and business contests display their yard sign annually and continue to decorate in the spirit of the season.

A list of the top 10 finalists and “worth seeing” addresses are supplied to the media and other outlets on Dec. 15 following the preliminary judging so families may visit and enjoy the beauty and originality of the decorated homes throughout the holiday season. 

Judging teams evaluate every home on every street on Marco.   Winners are not eligible to win again for a five-year period.

The Marco Island Christmas House and Business Decorating Committee members and judges for the contest are Co-Chairman, Dave and Jeanne Rice, Bob Boland, Lyn Bedell, Carla and Mike Mickes, Larry and Judy Sacher, Debbie and Marty Roddy, Ken and Diane Honecker, Jerry Swiacki, Linda Turner, Bette McGilvray, Steven Josselyn, Sandy Dauch, Kristina Lambros-Creach and Marc Creach, Jacki Strategos, Richard Droste, Bruce Robertson, Mary Vertin, Betty Newman, Russ Simmons and Lauri Kalanges. New members of the committee for the 2022 season include Mindy Star, Jim and Allyson Richard, Rachel Schenk, and Lilibeth Nordell.

“Most are long-standing experienced committee members with unmatched passion to serve Marco Island,” said Dave Rice. “They, along with the many home and business owners that participate are what make the event the success that it is.” 

Temporary closure of Landmark Street

Beginning Nov. 28, construction will begin on the replacement of a major storm outfall near 211 Landmark Street. The work will result in the temporary closure of Landmark Street between West Flamingo Circle and Maple Avenue.

This project is expected to continue until Dec. 19. Drive with caution in the area. Follow traffic signs and watch for construction workers.

Holiday show

Sisbarro Acting Studio joins Christmas Island Style for the second year in a row to present “WROB The Last Great Radio Show” written, directed, and produced by Gina Sisbarro, founder of the studio.

The lady songbirds at the station, from left,  Annabella Frazier as Rosie Randall, Alina Nuygen as Jacqueline Larant and Jac Lamb as Farrah Wolfe in “WROB The Last Great Radio Show.”

The play takes place in the 1950s when the radio airways were being taken over by the teens of America. Larry Cosmo the station manager sees the writing on the wall; either switch venues and give the teens what they want to listen to or be prepared to shut down as in the long list of fellow NY stations succumb to the new sound of rock n’ roll.

Luke Tirrel as Pablo Hernandez in “WROB The Last Great Radio Show.”
James Cameron as Rocco Santini in “WROB The Last Great Radio Show.”

Station Owner David Pfrom (who prefers to be called Pa-from) is not giving in to what he calls “satanist tribal music” and refuses to change over the music venue and have parents protesting at his radio door.

Desperate times calls for desperate measures.  The radio staff concocts a plan by creating diversions to keep David Pa-From out of the radio station so they can slip in some rock and roll numbers and drive up their ratings. 

The cast includes Joaquin Perez, Sammy Zucco, James Cameron, Ryan Sullivan, Annabelle Frazier, Alina Nguyen, Jac Lamb, Andrew Myers, Frank Tirrell, Alya Vatansever, Paco Mendez and Luckas Beals.

Showtimes are 7 p.m., Dec. 16, 17; 3 p.m., Dec. 18 at Marco Island Charter Middle School,1401 Trinidad Ave., Marco Island.

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