Post Ian beach cleanup collects construction and boating debris

Allie Delventhal
Special to the Eagle

Much of Marco Island suffered from the effects of Hurricane Ian and Tigertail Beach was no exception. Significant debris washed ashore and the flooding caused park equipment such as dumpsters and kayaks to be dislodged.

The county has been hard at work, having successfully cleared up the majority of the destruction, and the scheduled beach cleanup on Saturday, sponsored by Friends of Tigertail, uncovered many additional hurricane related items.

Approximately 35 volunteers, including 11 MIA students, returning participants, and several people new to this beach collected a total of 105 pounds of trash, 11 pounds of which were recyclables.

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The make-up of items retrieved differed from past clean-up efforts. Heavy items such as boat equipment, metal, and building materials were the bulk of items collected. With lower beach attendance since the storm fewer food containers, bottles, cans, and cigarette butts were found than in previous clean-ups.

Friends of Tigertail hosts quarterly beach cleanups. The next will be on Saturday, April 1, as they partner with the county and Keep Collier Beautiful to sponsor Collier County Bay Days.

Information about Friends of Tigertail and their activities can be found on their Facebook page or their web page: