Kenan & Kel revisit 'Good Burger' with Fallon

Erin Jensen
USA Today
Kenan Thompson (L) and Kel Mitchell (R) are still "all Good!"

Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger. Ed is still taking your order.

Kel Mitchell stepped back in time and back into that Good Burger uniform on Wednesday for a sketch on The Tonight Show. And, yes, Millennials, we could actually feel your excitement.

Jimmy Fallon and Mitchell, who played the lovable and literal Ed in the 1997 flick, played fast food workers in the sketch. Unfortunately, Kenan Thompson didn't slip back into his role of Dexter. Instead, he played a hangry, yet still comical, construction worker.

But as you'll see in the clip, it's still "all Good! HEY!"