Mariah Carey's holiday tradition is peak Mariah

Jaleesa M. Jones
When Christmas is roughly one month away and you realize you still won't be able to afford the Mariah Carey version...

Do you remember when you were a kid and your folks would drive you to the mall to see Santa? Do you remember the butterflies you felt when you finally got to the front of the line, your chicken scratch wish list in hand? Wasn't it magical?

Mariah Carey carries 'A Christmas Melody'

Well, that's for commoners — not Mariah Carey's kids.

The '90s goddess graced The Steve Harvey Show today and explained how she makes the holiday a wintry wonderland for twins Monroe and Moroccan.

“I have my friend, the real Santa Claus, come to the house in Aspen every year with real reindeer... He fills the stockings. Sometimes he leaves his bag there with the gifts in it. Then, the next day, the kids get the gifts.” 

And sometimes, Mariah even permits her friends and their kids to bask in the glory.