Kim Kardashian fires back at Bette Midler, posts another nude photo

Maeve McDermott, and Cara Kelly

Warning: Don't open this post in front of your boss.  

Kim Kardashian West has doubled-down on her freedom to post as many nude selfies as her heart desires, by what else? Posting another nude selfie and firing back against haters in a Kanye-style Twitter rant.

Bette is not having it on Twitter today.

Yesterday Kim posted a NSFW photo of herself naked with black bars covering important areas, and the Twittersphere reacted in the way it typically does with some vile comments, equal doses of support and a good amount of hilarious "caption this" type comments. Many who were tired of hearing about it weighed in, like Bette Midler.

Midler responded on her Twitter account with some characteristic shade.

She had a point.

So if Kim K swallows a camera and streams her digestive processes live on her app next week, we'll know exactly who to blame. Chloe Grace Moretz joined the 69k people who retweeted Midler. And Piers Morgan jumped into the fray, albeit with a somewhat creepier punch line.

But this is Twitter with a Kardashian-West so we all should have known the flame war wasn't over. Kim apologized for missing out on the party, feeling the need to remind her fans that their addiction to her game app is one reason we shouldn't worry about Kanye's supposed debt.

Then escalated the whole thing by replying to Midler, Moretz and Morgan.

And posting another nude selfie with the hashtag #liberated. Piers Morgan replied again summing up what we were all thinking.