Nick Jonas isn't a smooth talker, and 5 other things his doc taught us

Carly Mallenbaum
Nick Jonas has a new documentary series on Tidal.

Nick Jonas is letting viewers see himself naked. Well, half naked. He won't let the videographer into his shower, sorry.

In the first episode of Jonas' Tidal documentary series, called Last Year Was Complicated (which is also the name of his album out June 10), Jonas gets real (and often shirtless) in conversations with his Kingdom co-star Jonathan Tucker about creating his sophomore solo album. Here are 6 things we learned about Jonas from his 12-minute video:

He isn't always smooth with the ladies

He told Tucker about meeting an unnamed woman, telling her he liked her show and saying "I'm a big fan of your Instagram." He immediately regretted saying that.

He's a mountain man

Jonas, who we see in Monmouth Mountain, Calif., isn't "necessarily a nature guy," he says, but he loves the mountains and "could live off the land... if not for the diabetes."

He smokes and drinks on camera

The pop star smokes cigars and what looks like a joint on the premier episode. He also grabs beers out of a talking Coors Light mini fridge.

A break-up fueled his album

Jonas said he wanted to create music "the minute she left." It is not surprising that his songs Chainsaw and Champagne Problems are about the demise of a relationship, presumably with former girlfriend Olivia Culpo.

He still has a lot of feelings about the end of The Jonas Brothers

Jonas was one-third of the Jonas Brothers band for about one-third of his life, so it's still upsetting that the band broke up the way it did, with the brothers separating, potentially reuniting, then scrapping a tour and dissolving. "It does suck that my 13-to-20 years come with a lot of regret," he says. The band "ended with so much bias... family issues needed to be sorted out."

He doesn't really care if his album flops

Jonas is proud of the album he and his producing team created, and he doesn't care what you think. (He'll still look at the chart numbers, though.) "I could fall flat on my face with this album… and be fine. Because I know I made something that I’m really proud of."