The 5 best back to school movies for every stage of education to binge-watch this weekend

The start of September means it's time to head back to school, but that certainly doesn't mean no more binge-watching.

From elementary school through post-graduation, there is a movie that perfectly encapsulates the experience. We've rounded up five of the best back-to-school movies that you can enjoy this weekend, whether you've spent the week sitting in a classroom or just reminiscing about the time in your life where pop quizzes and recess were still a reality.

(Center) Jack Black (L-R) Robert Tsai, Joey Gaydos Jr., Kevin Clark and Rebecca Brown in a scene from the motion picture The School of Rock. --- DATE TAKEN: rec'd 09/03  By Andrew Schwartz   Paramount Pictures        HO      - handout ORG XMIT: ZX5947

For elementary school: 'School of Rock'

Jack Black stars as an unemployed rocker masquerading as substitute teacher Mr. Schneebly, who enlists the help of an elementary school class to form the unlikeliest of rock bands. Come for the star and wacky premise; stay for the music and hilarious one-liners (like the famous "You're tacky and I hate you.").

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For middle school: 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid'

Middle school is a pretty terrible time, as sixth grader Greg Heffley can attest. A live-action adaptation of the books by Jeff Kinney, "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" chronicles the antics and misfortunes of a kid stuck in middle school. This is a perfect one for current tweens and teens -- or those looking to relive the terribly awkward moments of their past. 

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For high school: 'The Kissing Booth'

Netflix's sleeper hit "The Kissing Booth" is the ultimate guilty pleasure high school movie. It centers around Elle (Joey King) who has a crush on her best friend's (Joel Courtney) older brother (Jacob Elordi). Cliches run rampant, but it's hard not to enjoy the lovable rom-com premise that starts with two long-time friends and a high school carnival fundraiser. 

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Buzz Lightyear, Andy and Woody in a scene from the animated motion picture "Toy Story 3." Artwork by Disney/Pixar [Via MerlinFTP Drop]

For college: 'Toy Story 3'

You could go the raunchy frat party route with a college movie. Or you could bawl your eyes out at the beautifully touching third installment of a childhood favorite. The summer before their owner Andy heads to college, Woody, Buzz and the rest of Andy's toys must reevaluate their purpose when the kid they played with every day decides he's outgrown them. It's a coming-of-age film designed for kids and adults alike to laugh and cry. 

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For post-grad: 'Romy and Michele's High School Reunion'

Ever wish you could show your old high school classmates how perfect your life has become since graduation, even if it definitely isn't? Starring Lisa Kudrow and Mira Sorvino as two goofy 28-year-old best friends, you'll root for Romy and Michelle endlessly as they navigate the uncomfortable situation of reuniting with grade school enemies.

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