TikTok is inspiring celebrity fashion trends from tie dye to straw hats: How to style it yourself

Jenna Ryu

TikTok isn't just about watching and learning the newest dance crazes. The social media app is also becoming the hottest place for all types of trends – especially summer fashion

Users across the globe are combatting their isolation amid the coronavirus pandemic by creating short dances, lip syncing or comedy videos on the short-form video app, and they're introducing us to some new outfit possibilities while reviving trends. Whether you're aiming for a casual outfit or you're trying to dress things up, celebrities are here for inspiration as they put their own spin on the latest looks on TikTok and Instagram.

We rounded up the biggest summer fashion trends we're seeing on social media, including expert suggestions of what to wear, how to style the pieces and where you can purchase the looks. 

Straw hats

Who's wearing it: Straw hats are the latest accessories for celebrity moms. Kristen Bell looked easy, breezy and beautiful in her brimmed hat at her racetrack themed backyard party, while Shay Mitchell donned wide-brimmed headwear with her daughter. Reese Witherspoon rocked the summer look on Instagram, pairing it with a simple white top and black sunglasses, and Jessica Alba flaunted her dance moves in her straw hat. 

How to make it your own: "The bigger, the better," advises Emilia Ferrara, a commissioner for the D.C. Commission on Fashion Arts and Events. She suggests that a wider brim is best paired with a sundress with a pinched waist to elicit the '50s gardening look.

Celebrity and editorial stylist Joiee Thorpe tells USA TODAY "it's all about the accessories" and encourages you to top off the look with some sunnies.

Where to get it: Gap sells a variety of straw hats for less than $40.

Tie dye

Who's wearing it: "High School Musical" star Ashley Tisdale and "Bachelorette" star Hannah Brown looked extra cozy wearing tie dye sweats in their TikTok videos. Selena Gomez filmed her "Past Life" lyric video with Trevor Daniel in a purple and white tie dye sweatshirt. Even tie-dye bikinis are in, as shown by "The Bachelor" contestant Madison Prewett on Instagram.

How to make it your own: Thorpe and Ferrara both suggest pairing your statement print with some chic accessories to revolutionize the look. 

"You're often seeing tie-dye shirts and sweats with skinny glasses and big hoop earrings and pulled back hairstyle, which is very much a part of that '90s throwback," says Ferrara.

Where to get it: Each pair of Urban Outfitters' popular monochrome tie-dye sweatpants is uniquely made.

White button-down blouse

Who's wearing it: Vanessa Hudgens did the "Cha Cha Slide" with her cream-colored blouse, while Priyanka Chopra Jonas showed off a red lip in her white button-down. Model Emily Ratajkowski celebrated her 29th birthday in the simple yet elegant look, as well. 

How to make it your own: Thorpe suggests pairing an oversized button-down with some cropped jeans for a hip look, adding geometric heels for a modern vibe. If you're looking for something more sexy and feminine, Ferrara recommends tying up your blouse to your natural waistline to evoke an hourglass figure and topping it off with a flowy mid-length skirt or high-waisted denim shorts.

Where to buy it:Uniqlo sells a white linen long-sleeve button-down for $30. 

Description: WOMEN PREMIUM LINEN LONG-SLEEVE SHIRT, Color: White, Price: $29.90, Availability: Uniqlo stores and

Denim on denim

Who's wearing it: Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake's iconic 2001 all-denim look at the American Music Awards is making a comeback, as celebrities are modernizing the Canadian tuxedo. Khloe Kardashian rocked a modern skintight denim on denim look, while Millie Bobbie Brown opted for a more acid-washed style. Migos' Offset customized his jeans and jacket with skull and cross designs. 

How to make it your own: "Denim on denim looks great when you color block different shades," says Thorpe. She suggests making it your own by wearing a pump or chunky sneaker. For a chic summer look, denim shorts are the way to go, according to Ferrara. She suggests experimenting with a denim crop top to individualize the look. 

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Who's wearing it: Old Navy sells an array of jean jackets, pants and shorts, both light and dark-colored. 

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Bright monochromatic clothes 

Who's wearing it: Dancer Mackenzie Ziegler showed off her skills wearing matching neon green sweats in a TikTok video. Kylie Jenner styled her sky-blue fit with orange crocodile embossed boots, and singer Normani wore purple from head to toe with her track pants and matching sneakers. 

How to make it your own: "Have fun by pairing your brights in different hues of the same color rather than the exact shade," says Thorpe. Instead of pairing a two-piece that's the same shade of green, mix and match a lime top with an emerald skirt. Ferrara suggests opting for a high or round-neck top, rather than a crop top, to avoid the all-too-casual beach look. 

Where to buy it:Macy's sells matching two piece sets in tons of bright colors. 

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