Fort Myers Beach restaurant crafts 'Fish Kill' cocktail to fight algae, red tide

A Fort Myers Beach restaurant has created a blue-green cocktail topped with Swedish Fish, with 100 percent of sales going to Captains for Clean Water.

Annabelle Tometich
The News-Press

A tequila cocktail colored blue-green with liqueurs and finished with a floater of bright-red candy fish is raising attention, and money, for the area's algae and red-tide woes. 

Parrot Key Caribbean Grill on Fort Myers Beach created its "Fish Kill" cocktail to raise funds for Captains for Clean Water. 100 percent of all sales of the drink will go to the nonprofit organization that's goal is to treat runoff from Lake Okeechobee and redirect it south where it once flowed naturally. 

Staci Misner, a server, works at Parrot Key Caribbean Grill on Fort Myers Beach.

“As a business that depends on the waters of Southwest Florida, keeping the quality of our water as clean as possible is a high priority for us, and as a parent I want to make sure the waters are something my kids and their kids will always have to enjoy,” Matt Hanson, owner of Parrot Key and the neighboring Salty Sam’s Marina said in a press release. 

“We continue to support Captains for Clean Water and their efforts.”

The "Fish Kill" cocktail from Parrot Key Caribbean Grill on Fort Myers Beach raises money for Captains for Clean Water.

The “Fish Kill” combines tequila, blue curaçao and sour mix. It's blended with ice and topped with melon liqueur giving the drink its distinct blue-green color. Swedish Fish complete its look. 

Parrot Key is at 2500 Main St., Fort Myers Beach. Visit or call 239-463-3257 for more