Chloe x Halle on their debut album, 'Grown-ish' and Beyoncé's advice

Anika Reed
Sisters Chloe and Halle Bailey are taking the entertainment world by storm with the release of their new album and a starring role in 'Grown-ish.'

When Chloe and Halle Bailey posted a cover of a Beyoncé song on YouTube in 2013, they had no clue that Beyoncé would see it. Or that she would like it, sign them to her record label and become their mentor. 

After five years of writing new music, making a move from their home in Atlanta to Los Angeles, performing at Hollywood events and making appearances on TV and in movies, Chloe x Halle are ready to step into the spotlight with their first album, The Kids Are Alright (out March 23).

USA TODAY caught up with the starlets you're about to see everywhere.

The Beyoncé-approved duo opened up about creating their debut LP, the advice Queen Bey gives them and putting together a song for the A Wrinkle In Time soundtrack.

Living room floor. Check the liner notes, and you'll see that Chloe x Halle had a hand in writing and producing every song on their debut album. "We self-produced the album," says Chloe, 19. "We write on every single song and we even executive-produced the album." The 18-track album was narrowed down from more than 400 songs, some of which were included on their 2016 EP, Sugar Symphony, and their 2017 mixtape, The Two of Us.

The sisters say that the album was created in their living room, with each musician adding her own flair to the creation of each song. "Whenever we’re feeling something, Chloe goes into the living room, she starts playing this really cool beat," says 17-year-old Halle, adding that she shreds on the guitar and Chloe plays the piano and conjures up the beats. "I kind of catch a vibe off of what she starts playing and I start writing and then we come together and write."

Chloe x Halle are set to release their debut album on March 23.

Queen Bey is their mentor. It's one thing to admire Beyoncé. It's another for you to become her protégés. "She’s always just motivating us and letting us know that we just need to trust our gut and our intuition," Chloe says, adding that Beyoncé tells them to "never compromise yourself or your music for anybody."

The two opened for Beyoncé on her Formation tour, an experience that they say inspired them when it comes to performing onstage and behaving professionally. "We admire that she is an artist who appreciates pure creativity and art and not dumbing yourself down for the world," Halle says. "We are very blessed to be able have a great mentor like her. We’re learning so much from her in terms of confidence and power and how humble she is as a person, but also how she deals with her business side."

Hitting the stage. With almost 30 original songs in their arsenal, Chloe and Halle are ready to bring their latest release to the masses onstage. Chloe says she's excited to hit the stage to perform Hi-Lo, a track featuring Joey Bada$$ that she says is "about loving your flaws and all of that and all of your highs and all of your lows; and that message really resonates with me." For Halle, it's Galaxy that is hyping her up to perform on stage, because "we love that feeling of empowerment and how powerful the drum can be and just that energy that it gives." Chloe hinted that "with new music, tour always comes" and that she "can’t wait to start getting on the road." But before any tour plans are in the works, the duo is kicking off the spring with a performance at Coachella in April.

Activism through art. The power of the various movements happening around Hollywood, including Me Too and Time's Up, is not lost on them. "Even though all of these things are happening, there’s hope within all of these marches and all of these movements," Halle says. Chloe adds: "That’s why we titled this debut album The Kids Are Alright, because with everything going on in the world there are so many crazy things happening, but I really feel like this generation will be all right because we’re innovative and we’re not afraid to speak our minds." The two participated in the Women's March in 2017, and say that they hope they're "paving the way for the generation to come" through the messages in their music.

"This world is such a beautiful place, but at the same time it could get so much better," Halle says. "We can make the world a better place with the power of creativity and using our art."

Big-screen hits and small-screen success. The two had small roles in a variety of movies and TV shows throughout the years, but their recurring spots on Freeform's Grown-ish have rekindled that love of acting. "Acting has always been there in the back our minds just waiting," Halle says. "It has all been a dream come true, Chloe says. "We’re so happy that we get to be part of such a cool show." The duo also sings the theme song for the show, Grown, and they said they were able to mix their album while starring in their roles as twins Skylar and Jazlyn thanks to executive producer Kenya Barris. 

Audiences can also hear the sisters' song Warrior in the movie A Wrinkle In Time, in theaters now. "We love (director) Ava DuVernay for allowing us to write such a special song for a special movie that inspires young girls to be themselves," Chloe says. "We always pinch ourselves because we can’t believe the impact it’s making."