Bette Midler swings back at President Trump, as Joe Biden provides backup

Bill Keveney

The Midler-Trump war of words shows no signs of stopping – although that probably shouldn't surprise anyone.

Entertainer Bette Midler has long been a critic of President Donald Trump and the president shined a spotlight on the antagonistic relationship last week when he tweeted that she was a "Washed up psycho" after she apologized for tweeting an alleged Trump quote that was phony.

Trump's criticism hardly silenced Midler, who took three Twitter jabs Monday and Tuesday. And Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden joined the fray Tuesday, saying he found it "astounding" that Trump would rip Midler during a state visit to the United Kingdom.  

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President Donald Trump slammed actor and singer Bette Midler on Twitter after she apologized for sharing a fake quote attributed to Trump.

“On the D-Day ceremonies — the D-Day ceremonies — it was astounding to me that he was (tweeting) attacks on everybody. From the mayor of London to Bette Midler. He found time to go after Bette Midler, for God’s sake!” Biden said, according to Mediaite. (Trump's tweet posted June 4 and the D-Day anniversary was June 6.)

Midler Monday called on her own film résumé to rip the president, tweeting a doctored photo from the 1993 film "Hocus Pocus," a film about a trio of 17th century witches, that showed Trump surrounded by Midler, who played a witch, and two other presidential critics, comedian Kathy Griffin and adult-film star Stormy Daniels.  

"Sisters!! @kathygriffin @Stormy Daniels/It's been three hundred years/Right down to the day/Now the witches are back/And there's h*** to pay!"

Midler followed up Tuesday, using side-by-side photos to compare Trump physically to President William Howard Taft and, perhaps getting ahead of herself, saying Taft "too, only served one term."

Midler made another entertainment reference in a later tweet about Trump, bringing up Hulu's "The Handmaid's Tale," a frequent metaphor in contemporary discussions about restrictions on reproductive rights.

"Dear @realDonaldTrump, thanks for the text and the heads up that the new season of Handmaid's Tale is here!!! Riveted once again. Remind me, is Gilead East or Northeast of Mobile, AL? My best to Tiffany, she looked fabulous in red to meet the Queen! xoBette"

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