5 faces you should be watching on fall TV

Kelly Lawler
Brandon Micheal Hall as Courtney Rose on 'The Mayor.'

The fall TV season has given us some great new series, and some you don't need to bother adding to your rotation. It has also given us several new actors trying to make their marks. 

We highlighted five faces that are lighting up our screens with breakout performances in new series this fall. 

Brandon Micheal Hall

Brandon Micheal Hall makes waves as rapper-turned-mayor Courtney Rose on 'The Mayor.' You may know the actor from TBS' 'Search Party.'

Age: 24
Where you'll see him:The Mayor (ABC, Tuesdays, 9:30 ET/PT)  
Where you may know him:Search Party (TBS) 

The best new sitcom of the fall wouldn't work without Hall, who brings verve and charm to his performance as Courtney Rose, a young rapper who runs for mayor of his town as a publicity stunt, and then gets elected. Hall exudes the self-confidence the part requires, and he shines in the role opposite comedy and TV veterans Yvette Nicole Brown and Lea Michele. 

Emma Dumont

Emma Dumont sparks as mutant Lorna/Polaris in Fox's 'The Gifted.' She previously starred in 'Bunheads.'

Age: 22
Where you'll see her: The Gifted (Fox, Mondays, 9 ET/PT) 
Where you may know her:Bunheads (ABC Family) 

Dumont played ballerina Melanie in the canceled-too-soon Bunheads, but in The Gifted she's a woman with very different talents. Lorna (also known as Polaris) is one of the persecuted mutants in the excellent Fox series, which takes place in the X-Men universe. Dumont is as electric as her character's powers, and she sells Lorna's pain and rage, particularly in a memorable scene in the second episode in which she defends herself from an attack with her powers. 

Antonia Thomas

Antonia Thomas stars as Dr. Claire Brown on 'The Good Doctor.' She plays the romantic lead in British series 'Lovesick.'

Age: 30
Where you'll see her: The Good Doctor (ABC, Mondays, 10 ET/PT) 
Where you may know her:Lovesick (Netflix) 

The Good Doctor may be a little sickly sweet for some viewers, but Thomas adds a sharpness as Dr. Claire Brown on the medical drama, fall's biggest new hit. The British actress has been a highlight on U.K. series Misfits and Lovesick. On Good Doctor, she's magnetic and grounded, which is exactly what the series needs. 

Mary Wiseman

Mary Wiseman as Sylvia Tilly in 'Star Trek: Discovery.' She's appeared on  'Baskets' and 'Longmire.'

Age: 32 
Where you'll see her: Star Trek: Discovery (CBS All Access) 
Where you may know her:Baskets (FX), Longmire (A&E/Netflix)

The new Star Trek series is full of flashy aliens, angry Klingons and well-known stars, but Wiseman stands out. Her Sylvia Tilly is awkward and tends to ramble, but she's a bright light of positivity and levity in the series, which is quite dark, especially by Trek standards. She's a great foil for Sonequa Martin-Green's gruff and stoic Michael Burnham, and often steals the scenes they share. 

Dominique Fishback

Dominique Fishback plays Darlene on 'The Deuce.' She previously appeared in 'Show Me a Hero.'

Age: (She declined to provide) 
Where you'll see her: The Deuce (HBO, Sundays, 9 ET/PT)
Where you may know her:Show Me a Hero (HBO) 

When acting with a large ensemble cast that includes James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal, it's easy to get lost. But Dominique Fishback plays one of the more complex and exciting characters in the drama, which chronicles the rise of the porn industry in New York in the 1970s. Her Darlene is a working girl, but Fishback imbues her with subtle layers and a unique energy that sets her apart.