Why Trump-bashing 'The Good Fight' is also a satire of the left

Kelly Lawler
Christine Baranski in "The Good Fight" (CBS All Access).

PASADENA, Calif. – CBS All Access drama "The Good Fight" has no qualms about wading into politics, but in addition to all its lampooning President Donald Trump, its creators are adamant about making fun of the left, too. 

Speaking to the Television Critics Association Wednesday, the creators of "The Good Wife" spinoff,  Robert and Michelle King, explained that their show, returning March 14, is not designed to attract only liberals.

"Here’s the sad thing about us: We’re not real fans of shows that preach to the choir," Robert King said. "Our show is accused of doing it, but it’s really a satire of the left. ... Racism on our show (is about racism within the left). ... It’s about people who pat themselves on the back for giving to all the right (causes) who are really scumbags." 

Star Christine Baranski, who plays left-leaning lawyer Diane Lockhart, agreed. 

"I don’t think it’s a liberal platform show," she said. "Many characters are conservative or Republican, so it’s the interaction." 

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The Kings aren't worried about alienating conservatives.

"We would worry about that if it were Bush," Robert King said. "I do think a Trump supporter would probably not love the show, unless they looked to the second level."

Creator and Executive Producer Robert King, left, and Michelle King participate in the "The Good Fight" show panel during the CBS All Access presentation at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour.

But he fears sometimes the audience doesn't get what the writers are trying to do. 

"There’s a website called NewsBusters that always cherry-picks things, but they’re not getting it," he said. "We put that line in as a satire of the left and they’re using it as a way –"

"To show that liberals are always against them," Michelle King finished.