'Veep' finale: Stars celebrated the series, fans compared it to 'Game of Thrones'

"Veep," which aired its series finale on Sunday night after a seven-season run on HBO, will likely go down in onscreen history as one of TV's best-ever political satires. The show ended with many touching tributes from its stars and a flurry of "Game of Thrones" comparisons from fans.

As the finale aired, the stars of the show mourned the show's ending and celebrated its Emmy-winning run, including Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who played the show's central anti-hero character Selina Meyer, for which she won six best actress Emmys in a row.

"Nothing but gratitude and love for these fine @veephbo folks - pictured here and also not," Louis-Dreyfus wrote on Instagram, posting a pair of pictures of the cast onstage at two different Emmy Awards. "This has been the ride of a lifetime. Thank you @hbo for the support and support and support."

Tony Hale, who played Meyer's loyal assistant Gary Walsh, shared an additional photo of the cast and a heartfelt note on Twitter.  

"For 8 years, I’ve had the gift of working with these wonderful folks," he wrote. "Not only am I so grateful for this job but even more grateful to have worked with people who are kind and giving. Cuz that’s the stuff that matters. Thank u all who watched and allowed us to keep doing it!"

Hugh Laurie, who played Meyer's political rival Tom James, called the show "maybe the best there ever was," while Anna Chlumsky, whose Amy Brookheimer was another one of Meyer's long-suffering staffers, thanked the show "and all of the several hundreds of people who made (it) - for changing my life."

Timothy Simons, whose loose-cannon character of Jonah Ryan was one of the show's greatest joys, posted a lengthy Twitter thread.

"Thank you to @hbo for letting us continue to run, even though we were chaotic as (expletive)," he wrote. "Thank you to the ensemble of actors, the most talented, collaborative, and supportive anyone could ever have been so lucky to work with. Thank you to the crew who would work long hours with good humor and unparalleled skill. And thank you to everyone who watched it. It doesn't exist without you."

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In addition to the cast's gracious sendoffs, many of the show's viewers also mourned its end on social media, with some comparing it favorably to the controversial episode of "Game of Thrones," which also aired on HBO Sunday.

"People keep watching and getting hurt by #GameOfThrones meanwhile the #Veep finale was literal perfection and no one on my TL even cares," shared a "Veep" fan. 

"HBO stuck the landing by refusing to alter course from the Mad Queen she has honestly and openly been from the start! Losing her closest advisors & allies only underlined how dangerous she has always been down to her bones...ever since we first laid eyes on Selina Meyer. #Veep," one viewer wrote.

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