Peak Your Profits: Tips and tidbits for timeless triumphs

Jeff Blackman


Hi neighbor! Several years ago, my family and I visited the Fort Myers winter estates of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. These two innovators, were close friends and winter neighbors.

Edison once declared …

“All progress, all success, springs from thinking.

“I find out what the world needs, then I go ahead and try to invent it.

“My philosophy of life: work, and looking on the bright side of everything.”

And Ford exclaimed …

“There is no such thing, as no chance.

“Even a mistake, may turn out to be the one thing necessary to a worthwhile achievement.

“Failure is only the opportunity to more intelligently begin again.

A June jumpstart

To stay motivated in June, and for the rest of 2017, ask yourself a series of questions:

  1. What would you do, if you knew it was impossible to fail?
  2. Imagine it’s one year from now. As you reflect back, what will you be most proud of accomplishing?
  3. What brings you the greatest happiness in your life? What will you do, to make it happen more often?
  4. Is there a relationship, personal or professional, you’d like to develop or enhance? What will you do to make it happen?
  5. What will you do, attempt or embark on, you’ve never done before?

Beginning today ….

The best discoveries in life, are often the unexpected ones. While at a Tucson resort, I was headed to the gym for an early morning workout. Before hopping on the treadmill, I discovered on the wall, a mental exercise. Its author, Patricia Diane Cota Robles writes:
“Beginning today … I am going to control my emotions, so that nothing can disturb my peace of mind.
“I am going to watch my words, thoughts and actions, because they are all powerful and will bring their effect into my life.
“I am going to let my family, friends and co-workers know that they are a vital part of my life, and be as enthusiastic about their accomplishments, as I am about my own.
“I am going to speak of health, happiness and prosperity.
“I am going to be so involved improving myself, that I won’t have time to criticize others.
“I will eliminate worry, anger and fear.
“I will radiate confidence.
“I will think the best, speak the best, do the best and expect the best.”

Goodbye to status quo

My clients are really smart. And fun. Here’s proof.
I once received an invitation from Rochelle Jacobson, President of N. Merfish Supply in Houston, Texas.

The following, is verbatim language:
“Send-off party Friday!
“Please join us in the downstairs conference room to say goodbye to … Status Quo!
“Those of you who have been around for a while, know what Status Quo has meant to this place. “Through all the ups and downs, Status Quo was always there. So let’s raise a glass on Friday, and wish Status Quo good luck.
“Things just won’t be the same around here.

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So how will you say …
Sayonara to Status Quo ...
Adios to the way it has always been...
Fuh-ged-about it, if you have done it that way before ...
Remember, life and business are a lot like the organic world, you can either wither and die or grow and prosper.

Toss a fiesta to your future.

The friendly skies

On the way to Vail, through Denver, my United flight attendant or purser, D.J. Jaehnke, declared:
“We hope you have enjoyed giving us the business, because we sure have enjoyed taking you for a ride!”
She then exclaimed, “Before opening the overhead bins, please be careful, because as we all know, shift happens!”

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