Peak Your Profits: Please don’t exacerbate my exasperation

Jeff Blackman

A reader asks: Jeff, heard you speak. Very valuable! Have already applied lots with great results. I was also the one who shared with you the “things” business people do, i.e., customers, employees, salespeople and vendors that drive me crazy. What's on your list?
Answer: Fun question! As you know, I'm a pretty positive guy. And am always willing to give folks the benefit of the doubt. My assumptions are, an individual is honest, trustworthy, reliable and reasonable. Until they do something, to negate the preceding. Or send telltale signs, trouble is looming.
However, I’m always cognizant of some simple, yet profound advice given to me, by my first “industry mentor,” the late, great, Nick Carter.
Carter was a giant of a man. In stature and thought. He too was a writer and speaker, who spent most of his professional life at Nightingale-Conant, the motivational/educational audio company.
Carter once told me, “Always be responsible to your audience, not for them.”

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Carter’s point, you seldom know what issues, challenges or burdens an individual carries into your relationship. You can only attempt to understand. And you can only control you. Not them. Sound advice.
Knowing that and applying it, enable me to quickly get over other people’s falsehoods, misrepresentations, bad moods, nasty dispositions, wicked words or ill deeds.
While I once again, can’t “control” the preceding, I do control my reactions to them.
Yet, to answer your question … here’s some stuff, that initially drives me batty, sticks in my craw or exacerbates my exasperation!
People who are duplicitous; are liars; use language like: “To be honest with you.”

Recently, someone uttered variations of that declaration to me three times in less than 60 seconds. Then, when I repeated (verbatim), a statement she made three minutes earlier, she exclaimed, “I never said that!”
People who don’t honor commitments and deliverables; don’t listen and tell you: “That’s not how we do things.” “In our world, that’s never done.” “It’s working just fine, don’t need to consider another way.”

People who talk over you; don’t look at you, when they communicate; are deceitful; try to show their power, by belittling others, (I can’t stand a bully); ignore the simple “rules” of etiquette, and forget words like; please, thank you and you’re welcome.

People who cheat, omit facts, don’t “get it,” engage in situational ethics; take credit for something they didn’t do; blame others for something they did do; commit acts of intellectual dishonesty; aren’t prepared; make lame excuses; cheerfully seek your opinion or counsel, with no intention of using it; are sneaky; didn’t believe the Cubs would someday, win the World Series.

What’s on your list? Would love to see ’em. Please send to
Until next week, may you peak your profits!

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