Peak Your Profits: Delight and delay

Jeff Blackman

Musical messsages

I’ve always been a big fan of Jim Brickman; singer, songwriter, pianist and composer. A few years ago, he was appearing at a local music and bookstore for a CD signing and a special in-store performance.

Pianist Jim Brickman's biggest radio hits include "Valentine" (recorded with Martina McBride) and "Good Morning Beautiful" (with Luke McMaster).

That Saturday afternoon, I was one of many Brickman fans who was entertained by his musical talent and witty between-song banter.

When Brickman sought questions, I asked, “What do you want an audience or concert-goer to leave with?”
He replied:

  • An emotional, true connection.
  • An honest and meaningful experience.
  • An adventure, a new place to visit, a unique moment in their life.
  • The opportunity to hear a favorite song, that’s like being with an old friend, as well as, hear a new song that creates a new energy.
  • The chance to leave behind any worries or concerns.

Hmmm. Interesting. Also, great goals for any customer experience.

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Disappointing delay

Question: Jeff, we made a one-time offer, to a single client, of a two percent discount if they paid in full by a specific date. We received their check two weeks after the agreed upon payment date. And they still took the discount, and obviously did not honor our agreement. Now what?
Answer: To answer your question, first, need to ask some questions:

  • Was it a discount or a courtesy savings? (Remember, “big box” stores offer discounts! Euphemisms, like; courtesy savings, loyalty savings or economic concession are far better than “discount,” especially if you’re in a service business.)
  • Two percent of what? (What was the real savings or actual amount? This may influence your decision.
  • What's the relationship like with this client?
  • What have they billed before?
  • Prospective billings might be?
  • Do you think it was an innocent mistake?
  • Was it your client’s delay or i.e., their accounting folks?
  • How were the terms/requests/agreement communicated?
  • Is the two percent worth going after? Maybe. Or, you may even send a psychic debt bill.

There's no real answer yet, since it’s influenced by the preceding, plus dialogue between you and your client.
Thankfully, there are lots of possibilities.
The key, work together, to find a fair solution.

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