Peak Your Profits: The 'next best' solution

Jeff Blackman

A reader asks: “Jeff, what can I say to or ask a prospect, that’ll help replace or eliminate my competition?”

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Answer: So you’d like to replace or eliminate your competitors. Cool! Yet unlikely.
Why? Because buyers are reluctant to change, even if the change helps them attain a more favorable future or improve their condition. Therefore, as much as you’d like to replace your competitors, your decision-maker will have a comfort or security level with the past, they probably don’t want to disrupt.

My suggestion, never try to “replace” your competitor(s). Instead, position yourself to become the next best solution.
Here’s the question you ask: “Irv, I can now understand why you’ve been so happy with Hard Sell Enterprises and why you wouldn’t want to replace them. So let me ask you this, how can I, (our company and our products and services) complement what Hard Sell is doing for you?”

This question is extremely powerful. Here’s why. It allows your decision-maker to breathe a sigh of relief. He now knows he doesn’t have to replace his current relationship. There could be high risk with replacement, but minimal risk when he complements.
Together, you and your decision-maker can now determine how you can complement, contribute to or be a part of his solution, and not the entire solution.
When you can’t get the whole pie, be sure to get a tasty slice of it!

Winning ways

While conducting a results-session in Reading, Pennsylvania, I spotted the following “Rules For Winning,” posted on the back of a conference room door at C.H. Briggs.
These are valuable lessons, whether you’re a CEO, leader, sales person or member of the human race.

  1. Work in good faith: mutual respect; trust each other; be honest; be a leader; team issues, to the team.
  2. No subversive groups.
  3. Be tough on the problem, not the person.
  4. Hold each other to high standards; listen for substance.
  5. Make an effort on your style: it’s okay to be wrong; be approachable; provide feedback; dwell on solutions; learn from disappointment, don't live there; recognize your role’s impact.

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