Peak Your Profits: Pull in for a P.I.T. stop

Jeff Blackman

Would it be fair to say, that on a weekly basis you read "Peak Your Profits" to help you:

  • Create more meaningful relationships
  • Generate more sales
  • Produce greater profits
  • Develop more satisfied customers
  • Drive explosive revenue and results
  • Make more money and
  • Achieve greater happiness

Well, if your answer was "yes" to these questions, it has been a kick to help you achieve the preceding with ongoing doses of knowledge and inspiration.

Crossword puzzle close-up.


Yet I realize, on your journey of growth and prosperity, you too, can benefit from P.I.T. Stops.
The "P.I.T. Stops" in this week's column are:

P-Provocative or Playful
I-Inspirational or Informational
T-Thoughts or theories

Some will make you pause and ponder. Some will make you smile. Some will make you laugh. All will make you think.
Each P.I.T. stop, will help you refuel, re-energize and refresh yourself.
So are you ready to put your pedal to the metal? Excellent!
Then start your engine please. Shift into high gear. And together, let’s begin your "race" toward results!

Here comes the bride?

My wife met a woman who recently announced her engagement, but she stressed her wedding wouldn't happen for at least two years. When my wife asked, "Why?" she exclaimed, "I want to wait, just in case something better comes along!"

I'll make it up on volume

A client's account rep once told me: "A customer wanted to buy an item at a lower price than we normally charged. When I told her that price was $5 below my cost and I couldn't sell it for a loss, she said, 'But I want to buy 3 of them!'"

Height of absurdity

From my "adults say the funniest and darnedest things" collection: A workshop participant: "Jeff, nice to finally meet you. I've been reading your columns for years. You're much taller than your picture!"

The best

"Things turn out best, for those who make the best, out of the way things turn out."
- John Wooden, legendary basketball coach at UCLA, who won 10 national championships

Doughnut delight

Best assumptive question I've ever heard: "Welcome to Krispy Kreme, home of the fresh, hot, glazed doughnut. How many dozen would you like?"

Prescription for success

Why is it, when you're young, you crave all-night restaurants and late-night bars? Yet as you get older, you desperately seek a 24 hour pharmacy?

Art of learning

"The art of learning is the art of reading with questions."
- Sheldon Nahmod, one of my law school professors

You can observe a lot, just by watching

Spotted on a resume: "I enjoy participating in observing sports."
Huh? Doesn't this mean, this guy is a spectator?!

Flying funnies

En-route to Vail, through Denver, my United flight attendant or purser, D.J. Jaehnke, declared:
"We hope you have enjoyed giving us the business, because we sure have enjoyed taking you for a ride!"
She then exclaimed,
"Before opening the overhead bins, please be careful, because as we all know, shift happens!"

Safety signs

Spotted on 1-17 North on the way to Sedona, Arizona: "Federal Prison: Do not stop for hitchhikers."

Pants perplexity

I recently found in the pocket of a new pair of pants, a slip of paper that said: "INSPETED BY #1."
Hmmm. It made me wonder, if #1 can’t spell "inspected," how effective could he be at doing it?!

Ability vs. Choice

"Far more than our abilities, our choices show what we truly are."
-- Professor Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry

Doggie dollars

My nephew Josh, is an entrepreneur. When he was eight, he became the CEO and founder of Backyard Wipe Out.
Here's an excerpt from the flyer he printed and distributed throughout his neighborhood: "Wednesday is Wipe Out Day. That is when I will clean your dog's poop. A 15 pound or less dog is 50 cents. A 16 pound or more dog is 75 cents. 2 or more dogs is $1. There is a 25 cent surcharge to haul the poop away or you may keep it for your trash."
Josh's entrepreneurial spirit reinforces the axiom, that one person's _ _ _ _ , is another person's fortune!

Tram trouble

On the airport tram in Las Vegas …

Stranger: "So did you win?"
Me: "You bet! How 'bout you?"
Stranger: "Nope. Big loser. Lost my money. And lost my girlfriend."
Me: "Sorry. Which disappoints you the most?"

Stranger: "The money!"

Funny phone file
Recently, I returned a phone call to a client's direct line, where the following happened …
Him: (in a rather unpleasant and confrontational tone)
Me: "David, is everything okay?"
Him: (somewhat embarrassed and flustered)
"Jeff? Oh. Um. Am really sorry. I must be losing my mind. I thought this was my cell phone and you were my mother. And she's the last person I wanted to talk to!"

Will or won't

"The difference between perseverance and obstinacy is, that one often comes from a strong will, and the other from a strong won't."
-- Henry Ward Beecher

Next week, more on-target stories, valuable lessons and powerful growth tips to help you peak your profits.

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