Peak Your Profits: Deliver, on time, every time

Jeff Blackman

Here’s a simple, yet very powerful strategy, to create what I call, a parade of progress with prospects, customers and clients. And it’s based on the timeless premise of: Who will do what by when?
For decades, I’ve used it successfully. As have lots of my clients. It’s not  very fancy. It just works. Big time!

At the conclusion of a meeting (in-person or over the phone), I’ll say to a prospect or client, something like: “Okay, let’s take a quick review, of my deliverables to you: On or before (date), you’ll receive (blank) from me.” Or “Per your request, to keep things moving forward; progressing, on or before (date), I’ll send you (blank.) And by (date), you’ll send me (blank).”
This language, can of course, also be reinforced by email. Plus, its simplistic, yet friendly and powerful approach, puts you and your decision-maker(s), figuratively and literally, “on-the-same-page.”
Jake, one of my clients, knows the power of this strategy, He says, “I do this in every meeting, face-to-face or on-the-phone. Everything has an action item tied to a time frame, with progress checks along the way.”
Another client, Mike, stresses, “I always summarize meeting takeaways, who’s responsible, and when they’ll be done. If it’s a simple list, I just do them. If it’s a detailed list, I document to my customer, who’s responsible, me or them, with due-dates. This is my default method for every meeting I do. It assures 100 percent alignment.”
And as an added bonus, this “accountability” is easy to track. (By email thread, or of course your CRM: customer relationship management system.)
Yet, I firmly believe, no customer, wants their “relationship” managed. Yet they do want it, nurtured, developed and grown. 
Remember, find ways to be a partner, not a vendor. Vendors are intruders. Partners are contributors. Vendors are expendable. Partners are invaluable. And “partnerships” require shared commitments. If you say you’re going to do it. Do it!
The only things at stake, are your; word, credibility, trust and reputation! And these, drive your sales, revenue, profits and earnings.
How will you apply, the preceding strategies? To your results!

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