Dollar Stretcher: Rental car savings

Marco Eagle

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Gives the car key to new owner

Easy shower clean

An easy way to remove soap scum from your shower is to make a paste of borax 
and water. Using a soft bristle brush, a little scrubbing will make your shower look like new!


Scoring quality luggage

The best place to look for high quality luggage at a cheap price is an estate sale. Older people often travel and they buy the best luggage. They also take good care of it. You can buy expensive luggage for just a few dollars.


Better cookware

The best affordable cookware can be found at a restaurant supply store. Look for strong aluminum pans; they can handle high temperatures and a lot of hard use. Also, they're cheaper than the name brands you'll find at a regular store.


Lower insurance rates

If you have a good credit score, call your insurance company (either home or auto). Some companies will give you a discount if your score is above a certain amount. You've worked hard to get and keep a good's the time to cash in on it.


Thrift store diva

My sister and I love to shop for clothing at thrift stores. To make it super easy, we wear leggings, a tank top and flip-flops when we shop. That way, we can try on slacks, blouses, jackets, dresses, or shoes in just seconds. My closet is full of thrift store finds.


Rental car savings

Before you sign the paperwork on a rental car, you should ask about discounts. For instance, you'll pay for a second driver, but your AARP or AAA membership could provide that perk for free. The same thing is true when you check into your hotel. Any discount or perk you get costs you nothing!


Simple Halloween costume

I needed a last-minute costume idea and came up with this idea. I dressed up as a beauty pageant contestant. I wore a simple black evening dress. I added a ribbon for my shoulder like the contestants wear, and on it, I pasted the letters for "Miss Minnesota." It only cost me a couple of dollars for the ribbon!


End of summer savings

Here are a few things that I do at the end of summer. First, I sell off or give away my son's outgrown summer clothes and buy or trade for someone else's in the next size up. Then I sew all of last year's school pants into shorts that he can wear to start school in August. Finally, stores are clearancing stuff out to make room for fall and winter, so I stock up on Christmas gifts and stuff for next year.

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Fall party idea

Here's an idea for a party you can host that'll cost you almost nothing. I call it "Pumpkins and Potluck." On the Saturday before Halloween, we invite our friends and neighbors to our house. They bring a pumpkin to carve and a dish to share. The guys tend to get a bit competitive with the carving, but it's all in good fun. We supply the carving tools and drinks. Everyone has a good time, and it cost us almost nothing.


Autopay oversight

We all use autopay for bills because it's so convenient, but you need to pay attention to your bill. This is not only true for charges for things that you didn't authorize, but also for automatic renewals. If you're on auto renew, companies rarely give you any discount, but if you go to their website or call them, you'll get one. Therefore, make sure to watch for renewal dates and get the price break you can.


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