Peak Your Profits: Show up with your A-game

Jeff Blackman

Jack Altschuler is one heckuva nice guy. His positive attitude pours out of the phone, and it's even better in person.

Business people shaking hands

I’ve worked with and known Jack for some time. He's committed to his clients' success. He's passionate about their growth and prosperity, professionally and personally.

You might even say, when you're with Jack, you know unequivocally, he's "Fully Alive!"

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Which makes sense because "Fully Alive Leadership" is the title of his popular workshop. It's designed to help business people, leaders and their executive teams grow and

While Woody Allen once declared, "80 percent of success in life is showing up," Jack also knows the value of showing up, especially with your "A-game."

Jeff Blackman: You encourage leaders/business people to "show up with their A-game." Meaning…

Jack Altschuler: It's all about giving your very best. Using all your personal resources to ensure the finest outcomes. It's putting your intellect, heart and soul into your efforts. This isn't a measure of performance relative to other people; it's about one's personal best.

JB: How does one consistently do that?

JA: "Showing up" is about being right here, right now. It's about being no place else, in body, mind and spirit. And this applies to every venue of life: at work, at home and in the community.

When I ask workshop attendees to describe a great leader they've followed, one for whom they performed extraordinarily, everyone uses words that identify their "special leader" as one who was completely present.

During one workshop, a CEO, who, like so many, "lives his business," had a startling moment of clarity. He said he now understands what his ten-year-old daughter meant when she told him something important to her, and she knew he wasn't focused on her. So she exclaimed, "No, Dad. I want you to listen with girl ears."

"Showing up" impacts all those who look to you for leadership. And indeed, any relationship. It requires focus on the present.

JB: What if one's A-game, really is a "B" or "C" game?

JA: Each of us has our own set of capabilities. And some are more adept at a particular function/skill/talent than others.

"A-game" is about YOUR personal best. Edwin Moses was the best 400-meter hurdler on the planet. When he was in a race, the only question was, "Who would finish second?" 

Moses won so many races, he really only "competed" against himself. He studied films of his races to learn how he could be better. His concern was HIS best; it had nothing to do with beating others. The "A-game" is about one's personal best.

JB: What happens when one "shows up?"

JA: A CEO in Halifax, Nova Scotia told me how "showing up" helped change her meetings with direct reports. She used to dread when an employee asked, "Hey boss, got a minute?" She feared it would be another one-hour intrusion on her already jam-packed schedule.

So to combat that fear, she started to "show up" for those meetings. She turned off her computer screen and phone, closed her office door and focused solely on her direct report.

She said the big payoff was those dreaded hour-long marathon meetings, became five-minute meaningful meetings. Plus, her direct reports felt "heard," and they began working better, faster and smarter.

And imagine the value to a CEO, or any leader, who has "new found" extra hours every day because initial employee concerns were quickly addressed. It saves time, money and sanity.

JB: To effectively "show up," what mindset does it require?

JA: For most of us, our days are jam-packed. We hurry to the next thing. We multitask. The present consists in large measure of anticipating the future rather than being in the present.

Showing up requires a mindset of sincerity and genuine interest in the present. And that requires courage to set aside living in the future or hanging on to what is past.

My father said, "Make haste slowly." It sounds counterintuitive, yet it's sound advice. When going fast, we're prone to mistakes. Or we dash through the present and miss it.

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