Peak Your Profits: Driving results, meeting project deadlines

Jeff Blackman

Thirteen years ago, former Chicago Cub second baseman, Ryne Sandberg got the call he had been waiting for. It was from the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Sandberg learned he'd be inducted into the Hall in the summer of 2005 in Cooperstown, New York.
Wow! A phenomenal accomplishment.

File: Ryne Sandberg signs autographs at Indianapolis Indians game at Victory Field.
File: Ryne Sandberg signs autographs at Indianapolis Indians game at Victory Field.
Ryne Sandberg

You may have never heard of Ryne Sandberg. And that's for good reason. He wasn't a showy ballplayer. He wasn't colorful. Plus, he was a lousy interview and an even worse product spokesperson.
Eventually, advertisers caught on. If Sandberg was in a TV commercial, he didn't have a speaking role. Instead, the focus was on his performance. His skill. His expertise.
Induction into the "Hall" is about "sandlot success." What you did on the field, not off it. And Sandberg was masterful at second base. A defensive artist. So talented, he made it look easy. His glove, was leather of larceny, as he'd literally steal hits from frustrated and dejected batters. Sandberg won nine Gold Gloves for his defensive excellence. And he went 123 games without an error. He also compiled 12 errorless streaks of at least 40 games.
Plus, Sandberg could hit. Boy, could he hit. He won seven Silver Slugger awards and was the National League's Most Valuable Player in 1984. And in 1990, he led the National League with 40 home runs.
Okay, so what does this have to do with life and business? Plenty!
For the words used to describe Sandberg's stellar career by sportswriters and broadcasters have been; consistency, hardwork, determination, focus, daily contributions, role model, aggressive and lead by example.
All accurate. Nothing fancy. Nothing flashy. Just the types of assets and qualities that drive results.
What are you doing, to create a Hall of Fame career?

Resolution reality

So, do resolutions work? Turn on the TV. Turn up the radio. Open the newspaper. Print ads and broadcast commercials urge you to: Lose weight! Get in shape! Eat healthy! Change your life!

And, to do it "now!" So you can "take advantage of incredible savings!" Especially, at the start of a new year.

Companies like; diet and nutrition centers, fitness facilities and weight reduction products are in a major push now for customer acquisition.
However, they needn't worry about customer satisfaction and retention. Why? Because most of these new customers aren’t going be customers in a few weeks.
Oh, don't get me wrong. They won't be angry, frustrated or disappointed customers. Instead, they'll be part of the January juggernaut, February Fade or March madness, that simply quits. Gives up. Waves the white flag. Surrenders. Not to some external force, but to themselves.
Some might call this, "customer churn" or attrition. It's not. Savvy retailers, business people and marketers know what it really is. It's called "profit margin!"
But the real question is, how come?

Why do so many people start with good intentions to accomplish a defined goal, yet then get sidetracked? How come they fall prey to obstacles? Why do they abandon their hopes, dreams and desires?
Simple questions, but not always easy answers. That's why resolutions seldom work.
Resolutions, usually urge you to; avoid, delete, eliminate or reduce. Or, to "add" something to your daily regimen that's new, untested or unproven.
Neither the addition or the deletion brings initially, great joy or happiness. Instead, it can be accompanied by pain, frustration, sweat and tears.

Ouch! Not much fun. Success takes time. No magic bullets. No quick fixes. No special elixirs.
Once, I heard a “Today” anchor ask Phil McGraw, Ph.D., a.k.a. "Dr. Phil," "Do you believe in resolutions?" He quickly answered, "No. But I do believe in committing to projects with deadlines."
I agree. Here, simplicity works.
First, define the "what." What do you want to accomplish? Then, define the "when." What's the deadline, deliverable or due-date?
Next, define the "how." What must you do?
Dr. Phil also said, "At the end of the game, it's about results. Life is a full-contact sport and there's a score up on the board."

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