Peak Your Profits: Why? Because!

Jeff Blackman

On a daily basis, I confronted the world’s toughest negotiators. No, not clients. My kids! Especially, when they were adolescents and teenagers. They were relentless. Aggressive. And didn’t know the meaning of “No!” To them, “no” simply set the stage for dialogue.
Therefore, I learned a powerful response to their constant queries of “Why?” For when they asked, “Why?” … I became conditioned to exclaim, “Because.”
It was simple. Direct. And a momentary stop-gap.
However, “because” is two syllables and it took too long to repeatedly utter. Therefore, with extensive training, I developed the ability to answer their frequent “Why?” questions with only one syllable, “Caus.” (Pronounced: cuz.)

Why? Because!

They asked, “Why?” I declared, “Caus!”
And I realized, wouldn’t this be a wonderful retort to a prospect, who wonders, “Why should we use you?” And all you need to confidently respond with, is “Caus.”
Here’s what I mean. What if “Caus” stood for: Constant / Awesome / Unduplicatable / Supremacy  
And that’s exactly what you deliver.
CAUS meaning:

  • Constant: on-going, all-the-time, non-stop.
  • Awesome: phenomenal, incredible, extraordinary.
  • Unduplicatable: can’t be copied, unique, one-of-a-kind.
  • Supremacy: highest quality, superior, the ultimate.
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When you offer the marketplace constant, awesome, unduplicatable supremacy, your customers or clients benefit. They tell the world. And you profit. Big time!
Here’s a simple example of “CAUS” in action. As you may know, in the Chicagoland area, “the hot dog” is considered haute cuisine. And one of the best places to devour this Chicago tradition, is at the Superdawg Drive-In.
Superdawg is literally a nostalgic throw-back to the 1950s. Car-hops attach a tray to your car window that's stacked high with snap when you bite ‘em Superdawgs, hot and crispy Superfries and thick and rich Supershakes.
And the Superdawg receipt boldly declares:
“Our family has been thrilling customers with superfood and friendly service since 1948.”
Wow! How’s that for a “CAUS” declaration!?
My wife and I even stopped for a Superdawg one night, after a wedding. The parking lot was full, but we were the only ones in a formal gown and a tuxedo. (I was in the tux!)
So how can you create, constant, awesome, unduplicatable, supremacy with your products, services, promotional literature, website, correspondence, telephone reception/greeting, your delivery, culture,  image, phone contact, packaging, merchandising, relationships, strategic alliances, people and most importantly, with you.

A man facing a chalkboard with his hands on his hips and bags of money and question marks drawn on the chalkboard.

Oh, when you’re in Chicago and would like to witness and taste “constant, awesome, unduplicatable, supremacy” at Superdawg, call me.
Lunch is my treat!

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