Do you own stock? If so, your objective is usually, simple. Buy low. Sell high! You desire positive results and a return on your investment.
Your decision to buy shares in a company, could have even been influenced by the company’s P/E or price/earnings ratio.
Just like a stock can increase in value, you, too, can increase in value.
Therefore, it’s important that you also focus on your P/E ratio.
The P is your performance, productivity, pride, persistence and passion.
The E is your energy, excitement, enthusiasm, effectiveness and execution.

A publicly traded company produces an annual report that always features an opening statement, “To our shareholders.” Your “shareholders” are your prospects, customers, clients, leaders, teammates, partners, community, industry and stakeholders.
Your opening statement, “To our customers” — might go something like this:
“By nearly all measures, I have attained the qualities of a stellar performer — market leadership, superior customer satisfaction, a solid clientele, plus loyal and profitable relationships. I’m now leveraging those strengths to realize my remaining goal: sustained and enviable growth, service and results.”
On a daily basis, use your skills, attitude and behavior — to drive your choices — and do whatever it takes to enhance your P/E ratio and increase the “value” you bring to your company, customers and marketplace.
After all, just like a stock, you too, are or can become, a “blue-chipper.” Which means you’re reliable and of the highest quality.

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