Peak Your Profits: Get your mo jo workin’

Jeff Blackman

Orison Swett Marden once said: “Obstacles and objections are like wild animals. They’re cowards. They’ll bluff you if they can. If they see you’re afraid, they’re likely to pounce upon you. So instead, look ‘em squarely in the eye, and watch ‘em slink out of sight.”
You can always try to combat objections or obstacles with facts and logic. These help. They’re a great place to start. However, you better also appeal to your decision-maker’s “perceived reality.”


Meaning, what their gut tells them is the perceived issue or concern.
And you accomplish this, with, “Persuasive Emotion.” For as Aristotle declared: “One who attempts to move people to thought or action must concern himself with their emotions. If he touches only their minds, he is unlikely to move them to action or to change of mind—the motivations of which lie deep in the realm of the passions.”
Hey, I’ll never downplay the significance of facts and logic. They’re invaluable. But they don’t always lead to a sale. With “persuasive emotion” you creatively focus on your buyer’s inner-feelings, concerns, needs and motivators.

When you do this, you capture and tap into what movie character Austin Powers calls. “Mo jo.”

Mo jo is a special blend of power, energy, force and momentum. It does more than merely adeptly deflect an objection or obstacle. It also conveys with clarity and conviction, your unequivocal desire to help your decision-makers make the right choice and do the right thing.

Coping with strong emotions

It’s about the pursuit of your customer’s or prospect’s goals, before the pursuit of your profit.
It’s about gaining your customer’s commitment, not just their cash.
It’s about long-term results, not short-term conquests.
You must create an environment with your responses, so your decision-makers know they can rely upon and trust your company. And most important, you!
The mind of your “buyer” can be a complex combination of fear, concern and hesitation.
Your job is to bust through this complexity, with articulate, risk-reducing replies. You provide the types of answers that demonstrate both good business sense and intuitive emotional understanding.
This can only happen, when you plan and take “strategic” control.
Here’s to your results. As you work your mo jo!

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