Peak Your Profits: Put your mission into motion

Jeff Blackman

Years ago, I had the pleasure of visiting with Greg Lewis, who, in 1985 founded Motivation Excellence, an incentive marketing company in Schaumburg, Illinois.
From the company’s inception, Lewis had a simple goal, providing exceptional incentive travel experiences with “gold star” service. This service passion struck me, when Lewis and I met, as I saw the following mission statement greet me as I entered the lobby. It stated:

  • “We, as a team, are committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations by developing programs to provide solutions for their needs.
  • “We, as a team, will accomplish this by providing unparalleled client service while building client relationships into long-lasting partnerships.
  • “We, as a team, will develop and nurture a fun, challenging, fulfilling, and rewarding environment of mutual respect, trust, pride and growth … a creative environment produces a creative product.
  • “We, as a team, will prosper through recognition as the best incentive marketing team in our industry when measured by ourselves, our supplies, our industry and our clients.”

While Greg recently retired, Motivation Excellence as of Jan. 22, is now under the leadership of new owner and CEO, David Jobes.

He’s a 26-year company veteran, and previously was president. Yet it’s evident, that this “gold star” service commitment which Lewis started, Jobes will continue.
For the Motivation Excellence website proudly and confidently declares: “We anticipate that this change will only bring positive outcomes for everyone moving forward. Our dedication has always been to both our clients and employees alike, and that is what we will continue to focus on in the years to come – providing exceptional service with incredible results.”
It’s obvious, that delivering exceptional or “gold star” service and building quality relationships — were, and still are, drivers for success at Motivation Excellence. The same is true for Enterprise.
When I began working with the folks at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, I discovered that building relationships with internal and external customers is also an integral part of their mission. If you hop online, you’ll quickly see that the Enterprise mission is:
“To be the best transportation service provider in the world, to exceed our customers' expectations for service, quality and value, to provide our employees with a great place to work and to serve our communities as a committed corporate citizen.”
That’s good stuff. Yet here’s an earlier, expanded version of The Enterprise Mission, that’s even better stuff:

Building relationships with internal and external customers is an integral part of  Enterprise Rent-A-Car's mission.
  • “Our mission is to fulfill the automobile rental, leasing, car sale and related needs of our customers, and, in doing so, exceed their expectations for service, quality and value.
  • “We will strive to earn our customers’ long-term loyalty by working to deliver more than promised, being honest and fair, and ‘going the extra mile’ to provide exceptional personalized service that creates a pleasing business experience.
  • “We must motivate our employees to provide exceptional service to our customers by supporting their development, providing opportunities for personal growth, and amply compensating them for their successes and achievements. We believe it is critical to our success to promote managers from we think who will serve as examples of success for others to follow.
  • “Although our goal is to be the best and not necessarily the biggest or the most profitable, our success at satisfying customers and motivating employees will bring growth and long-term profitability.”

Once you’ve assessed your strengths, weaknesses, marketable assets and mission, you should then determine the specific goals that are appropriate for you, your team and your organization.
Whatever your goals may be, they should acknowledge that your aim is—to make it a joy for prospects, customers and clients to do business with you.
When decision-makers think about your company, they really don’t think about your company’s headquarters or bricks and mortar locations or online presence. Instead, they think about the relationships they have with you and the others at your company who serve them.

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