Peak Your Profits: Ask and isolate

Marco Eagle

Believe it or not, many business people don’t “ask for the order.” In one survey by the Evans organization of 10,000 buyers, it was reported that 96 percent of the buyers surveyed said that the salespersons selling them didn’t even ask for the order or seek any type of commitment.

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Incredible, but true! And in a survey by the Dartnell Corporation, it was revealed that 90 percent of the sales population quits the sales process before the prospect is ready to buy, despite the fact that 80 percent of the sales happen after the fifth contact.
Therefore, positive action that moves you closer to “the Yes” is essential at all times.
When your prospect, customer or client exhibits enthusiasm or responds favorably, you might say:

  • “I share in your excitement, all we need is your okay here.”
  • “You’ve made a wise decision, let’s take care of the easy paperwork now.”
  • “Let’s schedule your delivery for this week … ”
  • “With your approval now, you’ll start your enjoyment immediately … ”

However, even with enthusiasm and excitement, customers can still be very clever about the creative ways in which they delay decisions. They’re hesitant about offending us with a defiant “no,” so instead, they say things like:

  • “I’d like to think it over!”
  • “Boy it sounds interesting!”
  • “We’ll give it our top consideration!”
  • “It looks real promising!”
  • “I’ll be sure to put in a good word for you!”
  • “This looks like a real strong possibility!”
  • “It’ll require some careful thought!”
  • “Everything sure seems to be in order!”
  • “You’ve done a great job presenting this!”
  • “We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!”
  • “I think we might, could, perhaps, maybe be able to do it!”
  • “Just as soon as we’ve made up our minds, you’ll be the first to know!”

Do these delaying tactics sound familiar? Thought so. But what do they mean? Who knows? I have no idea. Therefore, you must find out what’s causing the hesitation and reluctance.
 If you allow your customers to escape without knowing what’s causing their indecision, you haven’t done your job! You must determine the reason or reasons for their unwillingness to give you “the yes” now.


If customers tell you, “I’d like to think it over,” don’t argue with them. Instead, acknowledge you understand their desire to think it over. After all, it is an important decision.
But then discover what they’d really like to think over. You might say: “What specifically would you like to think about?” (And after the answer, add, “In addition to that, is there anything else?”)
Once you’ve isolated the obstacle, you’re then in a better position to respond, reassure and get “the yes.”
You should try to never exit without knowing why a customer hasn’t yet invested. If you do, you’re no longer relying upon knowledge, but instead guesswork.

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