Peak Your Profits: Believe. Prepare. Prosper!

Jeff Blackman

As I travel the country, working with clients in varied industries, there’s a recurring theme. It pops up during speaking engagements, consulting assignments and even 1:1 coaching … with CEOs, leaders and top sales producers.

Folks continually ask me about the significance of “belief” and “preparation.” Meaning, optimism vs. pessimism. Rehearsal vs. improvisation. The expectation for positive results vs. doom and gloom. Fear vs. faith. Triumph vs. tribulation.

And I stress to folks, belief and preparation are powerful. For they drive self-esteem, self-worth, decisions and behaviors. And all of these things, have a profound impact on outcomes, consequences and rewards.

Trepidation, reluctance, hesitancy and winging-it, can turn the courageous into cowards. The powerful into the pitiful. So understand it. Respect it. But don’t fall prey to its menacing allure and evil grasp.

Climb to a higher step. Pursue the path never taken. Practice. Practice again. And believe: In yourself. And your future!

These thoughts and “beliefs” drive me daily. Professionally. Personally. Yet, I thought you’d also benefit from what others think. So here are insightful excerpts from previous columns. Meaningful messages to help you believe, prepare, behave and achieve!


Longtime friend, speaker, author and creator of “Fully Alive Leadership,” Jack encourages you to, “show up.” Meaning …

“Be right here, right now! No place else, in body, mind and spirit. This applies at work, home and in the community. During one workshop, a CEO had a startling moment of clarity. He said he now understands what his 10-year-old daughter meant when she told him something important, but knew he wasn't focused on her. So she exclaimed, "No, Dad. Listen with girl ears!"

Half full or half empty?

"Showing up requires focus on the present, to bring your “A game.” "A game" is about your personal best. Edwin Moses was the best 400-meter hurdler on the planet. When he competed, the only question was, ‘Who’d finish second?’ He studied his races, to learn how to be better. His concern was his best. Not beating others. The "A-game" is about your personal best.”


Waldo is also a friend. He’s a graduate of the US Air Force Academy. A decorated fighter pilot. Leadership consultant. Fellow Hall of Fame speaker and bestselling author. And he helps you soar to new heights, with his three Rs:

“Retool: To perform at optimum level, aircrafts must be properly maintained. They can’t fly without “repair” visits to the hangar. This holds true for life and business. Without proper rest, maintenance, you'll crash. Tighten down your rivets. Get a system’s update. Be mentally, physically healthy. Read. Get coaching. Update your skills. Learn new ones.”

“Refuel: Jets need fuel to fly. So do you. Take time off. Escape for a short vacation. Clear your mind. Enjoy a hobby. Volunteer. Meditate. Also, get with people who lift you up. They're your wingmen.”

“Refocus: An aircraft’s radar needs re-calibrating, so do you. Throughout life and work, goals, priorities can shift. To break barriers and reach greater heights, you must adjust and re-focus. Don’t be complacent. Be committed.”


Mikki and I have been close friends for 30 years. She too, is a Hall of Fame speaker, author and coach, who knows belief and prep, then require action and accountability. Stressing:

“Set goals. Check them. Have an accountability partner. The level of your accountability is in direct proportion to your internal motivation to succeed. It drives growth.”

Mikki acknowledges, her life has been filled with “interruptions” — widowed at 29, divorced, embezzled, business failure, loss of parents and friends, starting over … multiple times. Yet she used these “blips” to propel vs. paralyze.

"I used to say, ‘I didn't have a choice, do what you have to do.’ Then I realized that's not true. I had a choice. That's why I’m intolerant of people with "victim mentality." Every curve ball tests our mettle, gives us a platform for choice and ownership.”

“To quote myself, ‘Carpe Diem!’ To quote Jimmy Buffett, ‘I Love the Now!’ Experience life. I'm a verb, not a noun. I want to go somewhere to do something, that's dynamic. Make memories. Don't waste a day, a moment. My mantra is, ‘be outrageous, it's the only place that isn't crowded!’”

What’s your mantra, for new successes?

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