Peak Your Profits: Growth. Gratitude. Goodbye!

Jeff Blackman

Over the years, as a dad, I’ve had the great pride and privilege to witness our kids achieve lots of cool things. Like: academic successes, graduations, rites of passage, athletic triumphs, dance, ice-skating and band championships or personal goals met and exceeded.

And while there has been exhilaration with their achievements, it’s often accompanied – for them – by melancholy and disappointment. Simply, because it’s over.

That’s why, I’ve always encouraged our three children, Chad, Brittany and Amanda, not to “cry” because it’s over, yet instead – to smile, laugh, appreciate and forever value – the experience.

Businessman spraying dollar sign shape cloud paint on the cliff with cloudscape background.

They tell me, that simple piece of “dad wisdom” has served them well. Now, I guess, it’s time for me, to follow my own advice.

For this, is my last “Peak Your Profits” column. (Which, by the way, has been accompanied by the same hype, hoopla and heartbreak … exhibited for the final episodes of “Seinfeld” and “Breaking Bad!”)

When I glance at the calendar, it’s remarkable to realize – our relationship began in February, 2004. And now, after 15 years, over 750 columns, and approximately 525,000 words, it’s time to say goodbye.

You might wonder, “How come?”

Well, there’s really an easy explanation. Lots of local newspapers throughout the country are now embracing a micro or hyper-local philosophy. Meaning, a column’s focus, is what’s taking place in your community or neighborhood. Instead of, a “general” business-growth column.

While it has been fun to wax rhapsodic about business, success or life – what I especially value is my relationship with you – my loyal reader.

I’ve always enjoyed reading your emails, listening to your voicemails or even chatting. Often, you just wanted to say thanks about how you adapted a strategy or tip, and it helped you land a client or make more money!

Yet it was also really rewarding, when I could help you solve a problem or strategize about an opportunity.

I am also grateful to the various editors and publishers I’ve worked with; Cheryl, Nadine, Leigh and Bill. Each, gave me a platform. Typically, my focus was on business-growth and its related topics, like; sales, marketing, negotiations, customer service, leadership and goal achievement.

But on occasion, they’d give me the thumbs-up to share something personal; about a meaningful experience with my kids or family, or even the death of a loved one. Plus, they were flexible. Understanding, that on occasion, I’d have to take a “week off” because of extensive business travel, speaking engagements or my family’s medical and health challenges.

Since that first column in 2004, I’ve often been asked, “How did the column start?”
It really began with my dad, Irv. For years, you might have read his tax column. He suggested, “Hey JB, your stuff could help a lot of folks. You ought to give the paper a call.” He always got a kick, out of seeing our columns side-by-side or on successive pages. Although complaining, our pictures proved – he had less hair than me!
While our weekly author/reader relationship is ending, it doesn’t mean … our relationship is ending.

You’re always welcome to call or email me at 847-998-0688 or I’m always committed to your success, now and in the future.

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Here’s to your results!
And may you continue to, peak your profits!

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