Hot-dog-flavored candy corn? Brach's releases exotic new flavors of the fall sweet

Are you a fan of hot dogs but hate candy corn? Maybe a new hot-dog-flavored candy corn will win you over.

That’s right, hot-dog-flavored candy corn actually exists, and you can find it inside Brach’s new Tailgate Candy Corn.

Burger lovers, there's something for you, too. The new mix includes hamburger-flavored candy corn, as well as fruit punch, vanilla ice cream and even popcorn-flavored candy corn mixed with the meaty flavors. 

The candy corn maker is pitching its latest creation to football fans as the NFL and NCAA seasons near. The football-themed, 11-ounce candy corn bags hit shelves nationwide Monday. The brand-new flavors are exclusively available at Walgreens, a Walgreens spokesperson confirmed. 

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“Brach's iconic candy corn has been synonymous with the start of fall for decades. We’re excited to help families and friends celebrate their anticipation for the season together by releasing Brach's Tailgate Candy Corn this August,” A Brach’s spokesperson told USA TODAY in an email.

Brach’s new Tailgate Candy Corn.

Brach's bold new flavors give the already heated candy corn debate new fodder. 

The original-flavored tri-colored kernels – made of sugar, corn syrup, sesame oil and bug secretions (you read that correctly), among other ingredients – deliver a sweetness so simple, so classic, they’re a hit mostly among Gen Xers and baby boomers, according the National Confectioners Association. 

But the Halloween staple finds less sympathy among millennials and Gen Zers. Less than half of both generations reported enjoying the candy, according to the NCA.

It remains to be seen how candy corn with barbecue food flavors will be received. Though detractors were quick to identify themselves online, some viewing the new sweets as an indictment of humanity itself.

“Humans were a mistake,” opined one Twitter user. 

“When I see ‘hot dog flavored candy corn’ I instantly question where we are a society,” wrote another. 

The special mix will be available through October and will be priced around $3 a bag, a Brach's spokesperson told USA TODAY in an email.