30 enjoy Sunday morning bike ride

Scott H. Shook

It was a beautiful morning for a bike ride as 30 cyclists met at the foot of the Stan Gober Memorial Bridge outside of Goodland Sunday at 7:30 a.m.

The riders met for an impromptu bicycle ride on the day originally set aside for Tour de Marco 5, the island's popular annual bicycle tour.

George Guyer and Matt Goetz of the Marco Island Police department greeted the riders, reviewing the rules of the road and reminding them that they weren't riding in the Tour de Marco.

The officers wished the cyclists a nice ride as they proceeded single file onto the San Marco Road in-road bike lane.

"I saw a group of about 25-28 bicyclists get together," Goetz said, "it looked like a pretty good group of people. The police department advised them to obey all the traffic laws -- as usual. They all took off. I understand they're probably all going to break off into faster groups and slower groups. So I don't see there being a traffic problem today with the amount of bicycles that are riding."

The cyclists appeared to enjoy reminiscing about past Tour de Marco events and confirming amongst each other that the tour would be continuing next year.

There was no set cycling route, no leader, just a group of riders setting off to enjoy a bike ride on the island.

The officers could not have been nicer to the cyclists. And the cyclists seemed to appreciate the officers' advice on bicycle safety.

This year's Tour de Marco was cancelled when it was decided that the Marco Y's airnasium would not be available as a staging area due to the planned construction of a new addition to the Y.

Next year, the Marco Island Academy will be taking an active role in the Tour de Marco, along with the Marco Y.