Now that opponents of the city's recently adopted rental ordinance have enough signatures on a petition requesting repeal or placing it before the voters, all eyes are on City Hall.

In a memo to the Marco Island City Council on June 24, City Attorney Alan Gabriel informed council of the following;

The City Manager has until July 17 to determine sufficiency of the petition. (this represents 20 days since receipt of the certification of the necessary signatures on the petition);

When and if that sufficiency is deemed appropriate by the manager, the ordinance will be suspended from taking effect;

Suspension continues until (1) the committee withdraws the petition; (2) council repeals the ordinance, or (3) after a vote of the city electors on the ordinance has been certified;

Council will be required by the City Charter to either repeal the ordinance or schedule an election on the matter;

If council elects not to repeal the ordinance, a special election shall be conducted by mail ballot, unless the election can be scheduled concurrently with a city, county, state or federal election. That election will be held within 90 days of the determination by council of that action.

If the city manager reports to council on July 20 that the petition is sufficient, they may wait until the next regularly scheduled meeting on Aug. 3 to determine the fate of the issue. At that time they may repeal the ordinance or set down a date certain for the mail in ballot.

The cost for such an election would range from $40,000-$50,000 for the mail-in ballot, according to officials familiar with the process.

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