I want to take this opportunity to reach out to my fellow citizens on Marco Island, and to my fellow city councilmen to apologize for my words and tones surrounding a rental property across the canal from our home.

I have reread the emails that I sent, and it is embarrassing to know that I allowed my emotions to do the talking. I ask your forgiveness.

My actions in calling the police are the actions any citizen should take, and I will continue to take such action when I believe an ordinance has been violated. And I will be forceful about it, as any citizen should be. The police don’t take orders from any city councilor.

I would ask that the citizens allow me to go back to square one, where I was a few months ago when my life was very different for Anne and me. You’ll get back the Joe you know, the Joe who serves you proudly and conscientiously. The Joe who doesn’t say “I’m sorry” very much, but when he does, he means it. Thank you.

Joe Batte

Marco Island City Council member

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