Homing pigeon takes refuge from storm in Capri garage

Sun Times Staff Report

Emmelina and Brian Semmler of the Isles of Capri said a homing pigeon took refuge in their garage in the hours before remnants of Tropical Storm Erika hit the area.

“My husband had a friendly encounter with a homing pigeon on our street here, Panay Avenue,” said Emmelina Semmler. “The bird had blue and yellow bands on his legs. Seeing him was rather interesting.”

She told Ann Hall of the Coconut-tele informal email communications system on Capri: “We have no idea where it came from. Hubby guessing thought maybe 100 miles maybe. There are people who have homing pigeons. The color bands would tell who owns it I would think. Maybe someone will know. Nice looking bird. It flew off.

“Hopefully the storm will be mild for our feather visitor,” she said.

Then later, she added another in another email:

“Hi Ann, our visitor is back and in our garage. We are not sure what to do. Do you?”-- Emmelina Semmler.

Hall, the Sun Times’ Capri columnist, advised Semmler to call the Conservancy of SW Florida.

“She did,” said Hall. “They told her that they thought the bird got tired flying home in the storm and took refuge at her home. They advised her to let it remain in the garage overnight and then to release it in the morning, pending the weather.”

Pictured – the homing pigeon.